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MoNSter devices

Where did we come from?


Monster Devices Inc. was founded by Owner, CEO, and Inventor Ryan Evans (Right). The company was established in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada where Ryan had invented his first patent pending product "The Monster Strap Winder". Monster Devices Inc. currently has multiple international patents pending and continues it's operations in the Grande Prairie, Alberta region.

A word from the owner


"Our goal is to design great products that are innovative and that set a standard for quality. It is hard to find good quality products these days ​and we want to give the consumer a name they can rely on!"


​What does the future hold for Monster Devices Inc.?

"The Monster Strap Winder is just the tip of the iceberg for Monster Devices Inc., I will always remember the Monster Strap Winder as the product that started our journey, but the Strap Winder is just a small part of the future of Monster Devices Inc. We are thrilled to leave a foot print on the commercial trucking industry, we plan to leave that same foot print on the world"


​                 - Ryan Evans



“We bought a Monster Strap Winder 6 months ago and have not re-charged the lithium battery once. It still has 2 bars on the fuel gauge, I don't even know how this is possible”


-Tristan (Chicago, IL, USA)


“We had purchased 10 of these units for our trucks in order to increase our pipe hauling efficiency from our pipe yard out into the field. By shaving off 20-30 min a load, we have multiple trucks that have created more monthly income, we actually improved our monthly average income by 75K, CRAZY! Thank you again Monster Devices, you guys rock!”

-Jeremy (Fort Mac, Alberta, Canada)


"Wow, this machine is incredible! You guys have broken the mold here! Please keep designing more trucking products"


-Robert (Houston, Texas, USA)


“I was worried that this unit wasn't going to be able to handle the frozen straps in the North. Boy was I wrong, it not only works with frozen straps, it powers right through them”

-Bruce (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

"Great job Monster Devices, our drivers are in love with these new units, it's not to often that you get to keep your transport operators happy while cutting overhead costs. Thanks for making our job easy, what a great investment!"


-Brad (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


“I love trucking, but I always hated rewinding the straps after unloading. With my new Monster Strap Winder, I'm not only back on the road in record time, but I make the boys I work with look stupid lol! Thank you for giving me a serious advantage, I would never go trucking again without this unit.”

-Becky (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

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