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Includes - Main-unit with Brush-less Motor and Lithium-ion Re-Chargeable Battery,  AC and DC Chargers, Instructions, Tools For Assembly, Winding Shaft, Guide Discs, and Universal Mounting Bracket

Monster Strap Winder Features:

-Winds perfect cargo strap rolls up to 10X faster then conventional methods (based on a 30’ commercial cargo strap)


-Completely Portable

The Monster Strap Winder has the highest quality lithium-ion battery available to market today, it will roll 1500 (30’ commercial cargo straps) on a single charge. This unit contains its own LED fuel indicator bar so you know when it’s time to re-charge.

-Recharge Anywhere

This package comes with a DC car charger and AC wall charger, re-charge on the go or charge it at home. With a capacity of 1500 plus cargo straps you won’t have to charge that often.

-Mount Anywhere

The Bracket for the Monster Strap Winder is made for the big boys and the medium to small hauler as well, the bracket will clamp onto rub rails, slide into pockets, clamp onto trailer sides, it will grab a hold of pretty much any truck or trailer out there. Quickly mount the unit wherever you need to wind cargo straps. Clamp contains rubber tips to protect from paint damage.

-Adjust for Different Strap Sizes quickly

Quickly adjust the customizable guide discs to get a perfect wind of any strap size. The Monster Strap Winder will perfectly wind straps 4"-1" but can also roll larger straps up to 6" with the quick release guide disc removed.


-Built Strong, Built to Last

The Monster Strap Winder is built with a specially engineered DC brushless gear motor that exceeds the quality of the most elite portable power tools in the market today. Our motor was engineered specifically for exerting the force of rolling cargo straps. The motor contains high quality metal gearing and reinforced bearings. We didn’t just build The Monster Strap Winder for this year, we built it for years to come. You are in it for the long haul and so are we! We put the Monster Strap Winder through the gauntlet so we know it would last. This unit will work in the worst weather conditions and the most extreme temperatures.

-Internal Protection

The Monster Strap Winder will automatically protect itself before damage can occur to its important internal parts. This means motor over torque protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over amperage and fused protection. If the Monster Strap Winder senses it is over its allowed parameters it will shut-off the battery so no damage can be done. If there is an electrical failure in your house or truck The Monster Strap Winder battery will shut down before it

can be damaged. By a flick of a switch the protection system will reset and you are good to go.

-External Protection

The Monster Strap Winder is built with high grade powder coated CNC steel parts, stainless steel hardware, and a water-proof/highly fire resistant poly carbonate casing that is the strongest in the industry today. You can go to work knowing you have a military grade
product on your truck that was engineered, tested, and built in Canada.

-No Tools for Assembly

The Monster Strap Winder kit comes with everything you need in the box, no extra tools or accessories necessary 


We built it, We back it! Monster Devices Inc. offers a 1 year limited manufactures warranty on any products we sell. We also offer a 6 month free service contract.

-Monster Strap Winder Pays for itself

Whether you’re a fleet owner, owner operator, or a truck driver, the investment into a Monster Strap Winder quickly pays itself off. Save fuel, save time, save money, make more miles, create more drivable hours, spend less time in poor weather, and most of all simplify this annoying task for good. Give yourself the competitive edge in this cut-throat business. With our product quality and warranties you can't lose!

Monster Strap Winder

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