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Tell me more about your REWARDS CLUB?

FIRST - Make sure you are signed up to our REWARDS CLUB, you will INSTANTLY get a COUPON CODE for 10% OFF all of our products!


SECOND - Once you are signed up, a NEW BOX will appear on the FREE REWARDS PAGE, that box has ONE-CLICK share links, use those links to share our page with your friends (you can also copy and paste the unique URL into your social media platform of choice)

3RD - Make sure your friends are signing up with us through the REFERRAL LINKS that you shared so that we can track your POINTS, if they don't sign up you don't earn any points, so apply some pressure so they can save and you can save bigger! (They sign-up on the FREE REWARDS PAGE)

4TH - Each time a friend signs up with us through your referral, you will earn points that can UNLOCK REWARDS, every time you UNLOCK a reward we will send you an E-mail to notify you (You can also track your points and rewards on the FREE REWARDS PAGE)

What are the REWARDS?

The current rewards are:

1 - A limited Entry Draw for a FREE Monster Strap Winder (3 Points) (2 Friends Signed Up)

2 - a FREE SHIPPING COUPON for all our products (4 Points) (3 Friends Signed Up)

3 - a 20% OFF COUPON for all our products (5 Points) (4 Friends Signed Up)

You will get 1 point as soon as your signed up, so it's not that hard to SAVE BIG!

Why do you have such great discounts?

     We need your help getting the word out about our products! Our products are NEW and your trucking friends have probably never heard of them. We had a unique concept that if we use people to spread the word about our stuff, we can save money  on advertising. If we can save money on advertising, we can extend those savings directly to our customers! This is a unique way of paying it forward to our customers rather then paying it up to the big guys! We appreciate your help and want to see you benefit from it!

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